Beach Time
Beach Time

As a regular post going forward on Fridays, I’d like to share a few personal thoughts and experiences.  Here’s a little journal entry called Beach Time I wrote while on vacation last week.  It is especially poignant and Jeffery and I celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary

I grew up not far from a beach with the ideal days of July warm breezes. Today I’m relaxing after a nice long run with the calm ocean and small low-tide waves. I am grateful for this opportunity at Race Point and just calm my mind.  We as Product people tend to have racing minds that are constantly looking at how we can solve a new problem, overcome a roadblock, and lead the way to our future.  I sit uncomfortably here focused on simple things like waves and breezes and my breath.

But it is in these moments that mindful innovations take place in my life.  I find new paths and explore new ways.  I am able to dig deep and find myself in a vast universe with a new perspective.  Thank you my Beach Time, with waves and breeze and sunshine for the gratitude I find in you.

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