Farm Boy to City Man

How did I go from a Farm Boy to a City Man?  After recently seeing the remake of the Lion King, I am reminded how my own life has had an interesting evolution. Like Simba I had some trauma early in life that resulted in throwing my little paws up in the air with little energy or motivation to want to participate in my version of the Pride Lands.

Farm Boy to City Man

by Dominic Gadoury

Farm Boy to City Man

I also learned from observing animals, specifically those on our farm (in my case chickens, cows, horses rather than Zebras and Hyenas). I watched and learned that striving with worry was not the most productive use of my time (although still spent a great deal of time with innate anxiety).

Then I went into the “forest” with my Pumbaa and Timone like characters for a while to get some stability and learn some basic life lessons that I missed in my home growing up.

After coming out of the closet and leaving some of the less than useful habits I had formed, I took the plunge and made my way to the Big Apple (ok, here’s where the Lion King alignment goes off course a bit).  A farm boy living in one of the busiest cities in the world has certainly been an exciting journey (and continues to).  Even this morning a man walking next to me on the sidewalk as I was heading to the office was body-slammed by 15-20 police officers.

In my evolution here in NYC, I feel at home.  It is where I married the love of my life (he’s got a nice mane like Nala), and where I find an opportunity to provide the best version of myself.  I wake up each morning and am excited and grateful for the kingdom I live in.

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