New Aviation Geek Product

How a New Aviation Geek Product has kept me focused on lighter things.

New Aviation Geek Product

by Dominic Gadoury

I’m sitting on the tarmac again. There are a set of thunderstorms that have worked their way into the New York area after little Hurricane Barry has merged with a low front.

I’m destined to ultimately head to Chicago, but my airline cancelled the direct flight and I’m waiting to instead go to Atlanta (go ahead and guess which airline I’m on).

Anyhow, a change in flight plans on the way to the threshold and a faulty aileron indicator have extended my time sitting on a 25 year old Boeing 757 which will take me on my way.

Of course in these situations. It gives me an opportunity to meditate, nap, and scroll my usual reading spots. Once I’ve run out of those items, I start to get all aviation geeky with my flight tracking apps.

The newest innovation I stumbled upon is an integration between TripIt and MyRadar. Now instead of looking in MyRadar and wondering what those storms are going to do to my travel plans, thus forcing me into another app – it has created a streamlined user experience.

With its animated real-time weather radar, the MyRadar app already has a fan base of pilots, AvGeeks and weather junkies, with over 10 million active users. TripIt, with more than 13 million users, helps travelers get to the gate on time, even suggesting the best time to leave for the airport based on existing traffic conditions. MyRadar recently integrated TripIt data into its functionality in order to provide a more seamless user experience.

In addition to tracking weather, MyRadar can now alert users to flight delays, gate changes and other non-meteorological events that can tangle one’s travel plans. When opening the app at a major US airport, the user will be prompted to enter their TripIt details, allowing MyRadar to automatically pull up the traveler’s upcoming flight information and share any relevant updates.

If the MyRadar user is not also a TripIt user, then all is not lost – airport information is still available, but must be found via the search function. This is a slightly higher-effort exercise than via the TripIt integration, but at least it still means less hopping back and forth between apps while navigating the sensory overload of the modern airport.

“We integrated with TripIt as part of the process to make finding the flight easier,” said Andrew Green, CEO of MyRadar and a licensed pilot. “Travelers are often delayed or otherwise affected by adverse weather conditions, and it’s a natural fit for a user to be able to combine their travel particulars with current weather!”

MyRadar’s forecast calls for more integrations as well, said Green: “We will work with other travel partners as we move forward!”

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