The Product Sandbox

by Dominic Gadoury

In this new segment called The Product Sandbox I am planning to create a new product with all of you involved and able to via weekly virtual “stand-ups” on the blog itself. I welcome your thoughts, questions, ideas, and suggestions as I explore this offering. So, what’s the product?

Elevator Pitch: The code name for this new product is called “Product Rants”. It is a mobile app (Android and iPhone) that allows users to submit product complaints and feedback through a third party. What problem is it solving? Have you ever bought a product or service and were so frustrated you just wanted to vent to someone who would listen (and potentially solve your problem)? Product Rants provides an unhindered method to complain about a product without having to edit your “voice” for the company/product owner who needs to hear it. It translates the core problem and communicates with the company, service provider, product owner, or Better Business Bureau on behalf of the buyer with real-time status updates.

MVP: Basic ability via the iOS and Android apps to complain about a product or service with a status viewable anytime.

The Technology: Using machine learning and sentiment analysis, the complaint is scanned for key components to automate the communication to be sent to the impacted business with a recommended solution to resolve with the buyer.

We are currently looking for 100 people who would be willing to test out this application scheduled to be available February 1. Please send an email of interest HERE. More to come next week…

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