Alexa is my Favorite Product of 2018

by Dominic Gadoury

Alexa is my Favorite Product of 2018…

There have been lots of great products introduced to me this past year (including two I’m super excited about that I have been able to help drive at work).  But above all of those, I have to say that Alexa is my favorite.  (In my mind Alexa is a tall drag queen.)

First of all, besides its very accurate speech recognition and speed of responsiveness, Alexa understand the persona she is talking to.  If a child is asking a question, she understand that the response needs to be adjusted based on the age and education level of the individual she is answering for.

Second, she has tons of hidden capabilities (easter eggs).  For instance, you can say “Alexa, I’m your father” with a witty reply.

Third, she integrates with everything you can imagine.  In fact she integrates for the good of others.  For instance you can use Alexa to donate to the American Cancer Society.  You can also trigger workflows via IFTT.

Finally, she has friends.  If you have an Alexa at work and want to talk to your husband through the Alexa at home – no problem.

So, despite coming to the table late on the whole Alexa thing – I have been totally impressed with its continued evolution and number of use cases.  I believe that Alexa is my Favorite Product of 2018.  I’ve been entertained by her snarky comments, informative information, and help with a number of tasks.  So with that all said, hats off to the product teams working on Alexa – may 2019 bring even greater value and fun to our lives!

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