Data Science Product Management Group

Data Science Product Management Group – Beginning Wednesday September 4, 2019 at 12:00PM EST, I’m pleased to announce the start of this new virtual group hosted by The Product Nerd. As a product leader who has worked in Data Science for a few years, it has become obvious to me that most product managers/owners/leaders are trying to learn how Data Science, AI, Machine Learning, etc…can solve real world problems. The mission of this group is to learn, share, and challenge one another in this arena to use these technologies and methods to improve our customer’s lives.

Data Science Product Management Group

What is the Data Science Product Management Group? A virtual weekly round-table format meeting for Product Managers and leaders interested in learning and working with Data Science problems. The meeting will last 45 minutes at lunchtime EST on Wednesdays beginning September 4, 2019.

Who is invited? Anyone in product management or looking to get into product management across the globe with Internet access.

What’s the format? Round robin speedy introductions, topical speaker, Q&A, Best Practice Mission Statement, Group Decisions, Close with encouragement to bring topics to the channel

What topics will you cover? Data Sources (Free and Paid), Data Science, Developing Models, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, working with Data Scientists, Creating Technical Requirements, Drawing the Line to Solving Real Problems, etc…

What platform is it hosted on? The Product Nerd Slack space

How do I join for FREE? JOIN here

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