Most Important Skill for a Product Manager

by Anish Subedi

Let us start this topic by defining who is a Product Manager and what is the most important skill is for the person in that role.  If you are searching for a one sentence answer – I would define a Product Manager as someone who solves a problem (where a problem can be of a single person to millions of people). The most important skill for a Product Manager is to understand the market trends of a problem and come with a beautiful solution. In this blog, you will see several examples why this is true.

Let’s dig further… some of the most successful product to date are Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, Aha, Uber, Slack and many more.  Also, some of the most successful product managers are Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and so on.

Why do I think Amazon is the one of the most successful product people is Jeff Bezos?  Well if we go back in time, we can see that during that those early Amazon days small businesses were facing a lot of issues with selling their products successfully online.  In the mean-time Bezos came up with the product called Amazon which could help solve their problems as he was trying to solve the same problems.

What about tools used by Product Managers such as Aha or Slack? Aha and Slack actually also solved some of their common problems.  If you look carefully, Aha actually solved many problems that current Product Manager or Project Manager were facing. It became the most reliable and easy way for PMs to do their day to day professionals activities such as roadmap building, strategy, and backlog development.

Similarly, Slack also provides a great environment to connect with and through professional networks – hitting a very important communication and workflow problem common to most product managers. Clearly it analyzed the market trends of what was a common problem. For instance having a concept of channels and giving access where “mini-teams” exist is a very easy way to meet a multitude of product management problems. Beyond all of those basic functions, it really is a “basecamp” type of replacement that reduces the need for hundreds of emails and does it in a very elegant fashion.

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