Most Popular Product Management Tools

Most Popular Product Management Tools – As Product Management professionals we are always eager to hear about the newest and most beneficial tools in the marketplace to make our lives easier. In this post, I’m going to share some of the better evaluations of tools as outlined by Trista liu who has done a nice job at evaluating them is the context of increased efficiencies.

Most Popular Product Management Tools

Most Popular Product Management Tools

3 best product management tools can help you become a better resource for your cross-functional product team, from outlining your roadmap to building your wire-frames.

Leading a product from conception to completion is not easy, and we deserve using better product management tools that help to improve the work efficiency & productivity. But the reality is many PMs have scarce resources to do this great work, and we relied on general project management software, such as spreadsheets, PowerPoint decks, etc.

The toolkit below includes everything you need as a product manager, from outlining your roadmap to the tactical side of making your wireframes/prototypes. They together will definitely help you become a good resource for your product team. The tools are generally divided into the following areas:

Product RoadMap and MindMap

  • Product RoadMap and MindMap
  • User & Product Research
  • Project Management
  • Prototyping & Wireframing
  • Product Analytics
  • Team Collaboration

Product RoadMap and MindMap


XMind is one of the most popular mind mapping software, which helps to clarify thinking, capture ideas, manage complex information and promote team collaboration as well. It supports tree diagrams, fishbone diagrams, organization charts, and allows XMind Pro users to export the mind maps into PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, PDF, Excel, FreeMind as well as Mindjet MindManager documents.


As a commercial mind mapping software developed by Mindjet, MindManager offers various ways for users to visualize information in flowcharts and mind maps. Plus, it has over 800 applications integrated and supports exporting to HTML5, shared views, custom views, with simple & clear navigation.


This is a mind mapping app for the Mac and a top choice for many experienced product managers. Many features are incomparable to many other software on the market, including:

• Add task properties for each node.

• Sorting and filtering.

• Rich typography, elements and rainbow colors.

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