My Current Product

by Dominic Gadoury

My Current Product – Real Income – Product Management folks are asked “what do you do for living?”. Half the time we spurt out the role of a PM, while the other half we share the excitement in the actual deliverable our teams are working on.  This post is about the latter for me currently.

At my company we hold income and job data for 1 out of every 6 Americans.  The Venture I lead product for is looking at opportunities to solve real problems in real estate, banking, “fintech”, and consulting with that asset.

Here are a few screens to express the idea in visual context.

Real Income Shows Real Estate Brokers Income Data by Geo
My Current Product
PeopleFlow Shows Movement of People
CompStandard Shows Consultants Job Related Trends and Compensation Pricing

What do you think? Each of these was developed with a similar data set and small development teams in less than a year of time.

The general feedback has been extremely positive.  Lots of great interest.  Now I am focused on how to find revenue opportunities in the value we bring to the market with these solutions.  We are looking at models and delivery mechanisms that are receptive to each of the appropriate verticals.

This next year we are focused on this and operational readiness and deeper use case analysis. We hope to look at the workflows our personas are involved in and understanding how our data and solutions fit into those current processes.

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