Pitching to Coders

Pitching to Coders – As Product Managers, we collect the requirements of our customers. To solve those problems, we often depend on program engineers (or coders) to build what is needed. If you want your products to shine and delight customers, you want the programmers to be just as jazzed for this opportunity as you are.

Pitching to Coders

Often we think about the best ways to sell them on the concepts and get their input in solving them. First, this requires a keen ability to tell the story. Who are these people that are experiencing this pain you are trying to alleviate? What are the conditions under which these events occur? Who exactly are they, meaning you should share their names, ages, locations, and job titles. These details may not seem to be essential to share with engineers, but trust me when I say – this might be the most critical set of information to share with them. Once they can relate to the pain and have had an opportunity to think about the solution, it’s time to help them prioritize. Most engineers who care about others will want to solve all their problems as quickly as possible.

It is your role as a Product Manager to help them understand that the iterative process is necessary to delight. Your team must create small measurable deliverables that can be tested and used by users for feedback. They must understand your vision for how not only to solve the problems but what benefits the business will get as well. It will help them put these features into the grander picture and excite them in delivering something that will provide value to the company they associate with as well.

Finally, pitching to the team should also include an opportunity to discuss options for delighting. In other words, a regular brainstorm or journey map, or retrospective is a great way to engage their brains on how. Doing this will give you a new understanding of how they consumed all the storytelling you’ve done, as well as getting the collective brainpower of the whole team.

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