Product of the Week: Amazon Audible

by Dominic Gadoury

Product of the Week: Amazon Audible – I spend time with Audible twice every morning…listening to my favorite fiction books. It’s a form of entertainment to listen to a story from someone usually talented in telling it. As an early adopter, I’ve also been so impressed with how the Audible solution has evolved over time.

The Audible team is in part led today by Joe Berger. Here is some feedback for Joe and his team at Amazon. First, the pricing model seems to work for most. Anytime we can make information and learning and entertainment affordable for the masses, we are doing a great thing for our fellow citizens. The fact that every person gets one book free just for signing up is awesome. Amazon also has a wonderful “return” option for any audiobook that doesn’t deliver what you expected.

So, what are some of the downsides? Many titles aren’t available in audiobook form, and many times authors put their book out on print first. So if you’re addicted to the audiobook format and/or short for time that you can set aside to sit down with a book – you’re stuck waiting on your favorite author and their publishing team to get the narration recorded, and into a digital format, you can download. This is where Amazon’s ease for authors to get their content into “Audible” becomes a critical pathway for success.

If you could provide feedback to Joe and his team at Audible, what would you suggest to improve the Audible offering?

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