Product of the Week - Amazon Fresh

by Dominic Gadoury

Strategy: Product of the Week: Amazon Fresh – The online grocery service industry is now heading to be a $100B business by 2025. So it’s no surprise that this product offering is becoming evermore popular across the country. As someone who lives in NYC, it’s certainly a desirable way to get our groceries. This doesn’t come without some gotchas and setting proper expectations since the infrastructure needed to support is pretty complex. And that is why I’ve chosen to make this The Product Nerd’s Product of the week.

The Good: $14.95 isn’t a bad price for the convenience and ease of ordering your staple goods. When there is an issue, Amazon is really on top of it. They are also consistently asking for simple to provide (via a smile or frown face) feedback with each delivery.

The Bad: As we experienced this weekend, they make mistakes – and sometimes they are huge. In this week’s order we had about 27 items, and 13 of them were missing. Also, there is an option for attended vs. unattended delivery. I like the attended so I can return the main re-usable packing to them for re-use. Otherwise it has to sit in our very small city apartment for a full week.

The Improvements: As a long-time user of the service, there are some improvements Amazon has made that are worth noting. In the first 3 months of using them, there was always at least one or two eggs that were broken. In the last nine months, zero. The packaging has gotten far better. Speaking of packaging, while I am not a fan of the use of so much plastic and cardboard, they have gotten far better at minimizing the packing. For instance instead of bulky ice packs, they now use frozen bottles of water to keep the food cold.

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