by Dominic Gadoury

This week’s product of the week is a result of Jeffery and I going on a cruise and wanting to bring some of our personal entertainment with us. Since we already have an older version of the Apple TV and want to ensure our dog and sitter are able to enjoy it, we decided to purchase the latest version 4K to bring with us on vacation.

How the Product Management Team Made our Lives Better: So, what do I and others have the most anxiety about when purchasing a new streaming entertainment system? Yes, the setup. The great news about the setup is that it’s all controlled from your iPhone. You no longer have to enter in that long and tedious router password. Instead the new Apple TV setup uses your iPhone settings and with a quick and easy authorization code transfers all of it to your Apple TV.

What else do you care about when using this new version of the Apple TV? The Apple TV 4K can handle all 4K content, with HDR10 and Dolby Vision supported, so the main new standards are covered – and (depending on the TV you’ve connected it to) the pictures look fantastic. From the flyover screensavers to the menu interface, everything packs in more pixels and looks sharper for it.

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