Product of the Week

by Dominic Gadoury

The product of the week on the Product Nerd is a pretty simple, but elegant product offering called the Self Journal.

Are you one of those people (like me) who sits in a meeting and prefers to write your notes in a slick traditional notebook. Do you like to carry something elegant and solid? If the answer is yes, than the Self Journal may be for you.

In addition to this being a great notebook, it has some pretty good organizing features. For instance each notebook is designed to cover you for a quarter. As such you can set your goals in one section and then tie that to each month, week and day. I really like how it forces me to tie together by KPI’s and the day to day activities I perform. I take a picture of each day page after I’ve filled it in and insert it into Evernote which allows me to easily find things later.

Here is a little description:

Past ‘failures’ are not your fault. You can’t be successful through drive and determination alone. You also need tools and systems to keep you focused, disciplined, and in control.

The SELF Journal’s tried and tested structure empowers you to leverage the same success strategies as the world’s top performers. You’ll find it bridges the gap between idea and implementation. Where vision gets you started; execution delivers the goods. It’s where most people slip up… they miss targets and fail to deliver – because they get overwhelmed and lose sight of what needs to get done on a day-by-day basis.

The SELF Journal solves this roadblock – permanently. It helps you plan each day powerfully – for maximum output. It encourages reflection and it keeps you on track.

So if you’re serious about transforming your life, empower yourself with this game-changing tool. Used by Daymond John as well as thousands of entrepreneurs and goal-smashers, it could become the key to the inevitable success you deserve.

What are the downsides? Some have said that it’s too bulky. If you are looking for a smaller notebook, this is probably not the one for you. Some have also said that it is on the pricey side for a notebook, but we would say that it comes with a good way to organize above and beyond a normal notebook. Finally, some think the layout is took confusing. I would agree there are a bunch of elements to the notebook, but they do come with beautiful cloth marks to jump easily back and forth.

Fellow Product people – what notebooks do you like?

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