Summer Product

by Dominic Gadoury

Summer ProductHappy Tuesday Readers!!  A few thoughts I’d like to share about my favorite summer product of 2019.

For me, summertime is filled with cookouts, swimming, laying out on the beach, ice cream cones, and sweaty runs. It is also a time to reconnect with the books, people, family, and products that help us recharge. With those goals come lots of new product and feature concepts entering the market.

This year I’m particularly overwhelmed with a list of books I want to read. Pete Buttigieg’s book Shortest Way Home is currently playing on my runs, while my favorite podcasts eat into my office commute time.  Today I have about 20 books on my summer reading list. Some are books that have come recommended by coworkers and friends while others were written by people I know. Regardless of their source, I’m not a speed reader like those I envy, and so that is where a product like Blinkist solves a problem for me.

The Blinkist team extracts key points and puts them into 15-minute condensed book reviews and summaries for efficient reading to their app users. Blinkist adds over 40 ‘blinks’ a month to their library. It’s a unique way to review and read more books in a fraction of the time.

For a great and complete review of this Summer Product of 2019, check out

One of my favorite features with Blinkist is that when I highlight a section of the summaries, they automatically get loaded to my Evernote so I can write about them later.

It is clear from the UI and overall experience that this is a created by a product team that really has really thought about the user journey (at least like a person such as myself). Hmmm…makes me wonder how many products are built for a product minded person versus a non-product user? Something definitely to research in a future post. 😉

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