The Innovator’s Method
The Innovator’s Method

The Innovator’s Method – I recently read this amazing book that steps out how smart start-ups (or established organizations looking to try something new) should follow: come up with an insight, understand the customer’s problem, quickly develop “an awesome solution” to that problem, and create a business model, and finally generate revenue and scale your idea.

Furr and Dyer (coauthor of The Innovator’s DNA), both professors at Brigham Young University’s Marriott School of Business, offer tips on getting a business to behave like a “lean start-up” by taking ideas to the market without going through the arduous and old-fashioned process of writing a business plan.

As someone who works in an organizational Venture, this book was very helpful in reminding me that we should remain focused on the right processes for each situation. It also pointed out the importance of continual evaluation. Is this problem verified and worthy of a solution we can solve for? The book is filled with helpful charts and diagrams to illustrate their points.

Here are Furr and Dyer’s concluding remarks: “Whether you’re a leader, a manager, an entrepreneur, or an individual contributor, we know you can apply this method to resolve uncertainty, wherever you face it, whether in internal processes or external innovations, at lower cost and with greater success than ever before. The innovator’s method will help you creatively solve problems that you face in both your professional and personal life. Most of all, you can use these tools to learn more quickly than others — and in this era of uncertainty, the speed of learning is the new competitive advantage. We look forward to seeing you use these tools to cross each new finish line first, wherever that may be.”

This book is a fantastic addition to any Lean Startup and product management collection.

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