The Product Sandbox

by Dominic Gadoury

Next in our focus to test our product offering in The Product Sandbox v0.6, we must consider the legal aspects. As a beginning to this endeavor we have hired LegalZoom to get the LLC process started. This of course is to build all the aspects of our business structures and provide a basis for begin creating a public knowledge that this product offering is legitimate and its founders are legitimate and legally organized.

The Product Sandbox
Product Rants

We decided to keep the branding singular for now. We played with calling the company Product Rants, LLC., but as the product is yet to be proven in the market – decided to stick with The Product Nerd, LLC as the overriding organization name.

Next, we have started to consider the various legal questions our product offering may raise. For instance, in order to speak on behalf of a consumer – do we need top have their legal approval to speak on their behalf? What legal language should they sign off on in order for the different aspects of data to be collected?

What other legal questions would you consider in a product like this as we move on through The Product Sandbox?

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