Pride Reminds me of Important Product Ideas

by Dominic Gadoury

Pride Reminds me of Important Product Ideas

Pride Reminds me of Important Product Ideas – As you’ve probably noticed, this month is Pride month across the USA – thus all the great transformations of company logos and branding into a rainbow of colors and glitters. This year’s pride celebration is especially poignant given the 50 year anniversary of the Stonewall riots.

As I’ve been thinking about Pride in the context of my product work, I am especially reminded that any note of diversity that works its way into our teams informs us on the variety of angles and ways to think about solving human problems.

Beyond that, as we think about the “riots” being the start of the LGBTQ+ movement, it also reminds me that product leaders do have to take a stand in their work as well. We have to make some decisions on behalf of the business constituents to say this is what is expected. We can do that through vision, go to market strategies, good leadership, and especially building a culture that supports innovations AND smart thoughtful delivery.

Finally, I would say that the rainbow colors remind me that the alignment of product and marketing is a tremendous benefit to the success of the products in an organization. Product leaders are also responsible for how we demonstrate the look, feel, and beauty of the products we are selling. It is because of alignment with our marketing partners that we are able to successfully achieve that goal.

So to all those celebrating Pride this month – go out there and be yourself, celebrate and respect the diversity of our customers – and build those partnerships raising those rainbow colors high up in the air!

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