Getting Leadership Buy-In
Getting Leadership Buy-In

Getting Leadership Buy-In – This week I’ve been collaborating with my VP to present the findings, landscape and future plans for our Venture. This has given me thought to what points of interest those in a leadership position are going to focus on.

Strategic alignment: They want to be sure that you are thinking through how the plans and actions are aligned with the purpose, vision, mission and overall strategy of the Ventures and overall company organization.

A vision for success: They want to be sure there is a clear logic for proving or disproving the various hypotheses that your vision is based on. How will you test the value of the products being incubated? Is there a clear path to projected revenue?

A plan to execute: While leaders don’t need or want to get into the weeds, they do want to understand the path to success. Are the allocated resources reasonable to achieve the projected successes?

Ask for Something: It’s important to provide an update, but also to ask for help. Be sure to come to the table knowing that the leaders want to contribute something. Can they provide a connection, have a conversation to fast track success, or some other actionable assistance?

What other elements do you Product Nerds like to include in your leadership updates in getting leadership buy-in?

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