Hack…every time I see another large well funded company become the victim (actually it’s consumers are the victims) of hacking, I get a little sick to my stomach (even when it’s a competitor). Any product person like me who works in a technology company where PII (personal identifiable data) is stored and used worries about this. We only hope that the security people in our organization are prepared and looking for the latest capabilities.


Sometimes we’ll get a request for an audit or review of the software being developed. While it seems like an annoying task of answering tedious questions, we have to remember that there is an important reason we need to assist in these exercises. Instead of seeing them as annoying wastes of time, we must remember that we are meeting the needs of our users.

The most important thing to remember as a product manager who has a product that becomes the victim of such an attack is to journey map that experience from an end user perspective. Their personal data has been taken without their permission. They trusted you with it. They worry that you are not prepared. How do you ensure they are well informed about what they should do to protect themselves? What should they think about how you are protecting their data going forward?

For those product owners out there who have had experience with this, what has this been like for you? How did you handle the scenario? How did your organization rebuild brand credibility?

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