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Mindful Tech – Calm – These days many of us are experiencing a variety of anxieties and stressors.  It may be related to work, health, family, or just being a human.  As such, we are focused on clearing our minds and utilizing meditation to improve our health, productivity, and general well being. No surprise that the technology space was both the first creators and consumers in providing services in this arena. One of the most experienced solutions is an app called Calm.

Mindful Tech

Dear Calm Product Team,

First, thank you for the magical power of meditation. I don’t understand how meditation works magic on this human brain, but I can attest to the fact that it does.  I notice in my day when I’ve had a good session and those days when I have not.


I have been impressed by the work you have done with your designers in creating an app that has lots of great interactions. It’s beautiful and makes me want to be in there more often, for instance.


As for the content, I am always impressed by the great new sessions and programs being added on a daily basis. I also like that I can switch between Tamara Levitt whose voice is pacifying and soft to John Armstrong, a lecturer at Stanford’s Life Design Lab. You have also done a wonderful job of getting new talent to deliver meditation sessions. As an example, I love that you enlisted Matthew McConaughey to tell a sleep story.

Wish List

One feature I’ve been hoping for though has been a way to integrate the Calm night time stories or music with a timer element and alarm. Often I have to manually turn it off if it’s preventing me from sleeping, for instance. I also am afraid that leaving Calm active might prevent my sleep tracking software from working properly.


On the pricing and marketing side, you’ve done a great job at figuring out a price point that is easy to swallow given the value. With Calm, you get 7 days of premium access after which subscription will cost you $59.99 annually, or you can pay a one-time fee of $299.99. Given the health and “calming” effects on our lives, I think this is a great investment. Calm offers great bang for your buck. Apart from guided meditations, you get features like music, wallpapers, sounds, and bedtime stories.

Keep up the great work team in creating a great offering for Mindful Tech!

The Product Nerd

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