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Comment by the Product Nerd: Running Tech – I recently purchased a new running watch after a very long “run” with an Apple Watch (which by the way is for sale for anyone interested). I must say that I am very impressed with it’s accuracy, running tools, and battery. I also cannot ignore the great insights that it feeds the very data rich Garmin Insights dashboard. Here’s a full write-up at TechRadar of the model (the Forerunner 735XT) I purchased.

Running Tech

Design and screen

  • Sleek design
  • Clear screen
  • Slightly lightweight

One of the strongest, most impressive things about the 735XT is that it’s such a sleek device with so many features inside. If you’ve seen the 910XT or the Forerunner 920XT, you’ll know that the previous triathlon watches from Garmin have been chunky things to strap to your wrist.

Somehow Garmin has managed to put all that tech into a thin, rounded model. It’s not the smallest in the world – people will still recognise this as a fitness watch on your wrist – but it’s more stylish than many.

It comes in two colors, black and frost blue (we tested the latter, and it garnered a lot of attention with the way the color of the strap integrates with the face of the 735XT) and the rubberised straps are really comfortable, even when put on tightly to facilitate the heart rate monitoring.

Also, unlike many running watches, the straps are easy and wide enough to fasten quickly – try something like the Samsung Gear Sport, with its two ‘holding lugs’ and you’ll know frustration.

The screen is low res compared to some of the smartwatches on the market – it’s not going to rival the Apple Watch 3, for instance – but it’s perfectly legible in all conditions, without needing to switch off to save battery.

It uses a transflective screen which uses the available light to bring the clarity to your runs. Not having to raise your wrist to wake is a massive plus, and the illuminating light is more than legible at night (and you can leave it turned on, although this predictably sucks battery a little more).

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